BASINGEN GROUP™ is expert in Sourcing, Purchasing and trading specialized equipment, materials and goods for direct use or for processing, covering with their operations: NORTH AMERICA, LATIN AMERICA (CENTRAL AMERICA, SOUTH AMERICA and THE CARIBBEAN), ASIA, AUSTRALIA, EUROPE and AFRICA.

BASINGEN GROUP™ is capable to detect what their customer’s organizations needs to buy to keep functioning, through a team of professionals (Engineers, managers and technicians with knowledge in different fields).

BASINGEN GROUP™ carefully evaluates the requirements of their customers resulting to develop specifications for equipment, materials and goods to be purchased. BASINGEN GROUP™ is able to determine general purchasing policies for their customers, in different industries, overseeing the process of acquiring goods and services. Their professional’s gathers proposals, consult and negotiate with their suppliers and review contract terms and conditions. Once they’ve consolidated this information, they continue to present the better alternatives, according to their customer’s supply chain, connecting, all the steps in it with synergy: International transactions, Logistics and transportation, Custom regulations, distribution and inventory management, etc.

BASINGEN GROUP™ easily Contract logistics, shipping, freight forwarding, customs brokerage and transportation with 3PL’s (third-party logistics providers), setting efficient delivery schedules, tracking merchandise and cargo progress and updating clients and suppliers to correct problems pro-actively, managing just- in- time supply. The group may hire, train or supervise new purchasing members and offer in – house professionals to attend internal needs for their clientele.